The logo of MIDI is interpreted as that “O” is reduced to form a point.In Western expressions, the supreme meaning of Eastern culture is taken.Myriad laws return to one, one grows two, two grows three, and three grows life!

MIDI. is a professional retail service provider of a private brand;the company participates in the comprehensive marketing progress of Product Design, Manufacturing, Brand Management, and Sales & Marketing.

This business model is “Full Participation” instead of “Full Ownership”.Respond quickly and supplies accurate are the core value of the PPP model.Keeping meeting the user needs as the primary goal, MIDI combines user needs with the supply chain effectively and achieves accurate and rapid feedback from them.

It takes the lead to integrate “aesthetics” into products in the Chinese life department store retail industry, offering diverse daily necessities over 3000 SKUs of the latest designs at the best price.Led by experts and elites with over 20 years of retail management experience, it is expected that MIDI. will open 1,500 stores worldwide in 2022 to make a global chain of “Creative Life Aesthetics”, with China as its center base and expands globally.



We think highly of speed and efficiency, and we set up a fast-reaction system, as well as established a concept that action is superior to perfection.


We are concern about cost-effective and value-oriented for providing value-added services and products.


Innovation thinking keeps breaking the inherent status and carving itself into our souls.


Great sharing of experience, business, and fortune.


Enterprise endows power staff to tap their biggest potential in playing an important role, and the strong culture of the enterprise gathers vocational elites and constructs the atmosphere of the wolf nature to fight for objective and mission, as well as release the strong potential energy of MIDI.

The culture of enterprise:

Excellence comes from stringent requirements

The executive culture:

Speed is superior to perfection, no excuse, do immediately, change now!