January 2018

Youpinhui (Guangzhou) Commercial Management Company Limited founded.

April 2018

Ensured the VI &SI of the brand visualize, and initiated the brand proposition of “Creative Life Aesthetics” in the global retail industry.

The first flash store grand opened in the “Zuanhui” plaza in Panyu district of Guangzhou, China

July 2018

The MIDI. stores opened in the Country of Philippine

December 2018

Initiated the product development strategy of “ 3 Series, 7 Scenarios, 10 Categories”

March 2019

MIDI. logged in the global social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Three stores grand opened simultaneously in the Country of Panama

April 2019

MIDI. exhibited in the “Canton Fair”- the Phase 2, 125th China Import and Export fair exhibition-to be held in Guangzhou, China

October 2019

The MIDI. stores grand opened continuously in the Country of Mongolia and Mexico

October 2019
MIDI.Panama franchise store
October 2019
MIDI franchise store opens in Outer Mongolia
July 2020
From 2018 to 2020, three MIDI. franchise stores were opened in Mexico
May 2021
MIDI. in 2022 More than ten franchise stores have been opened in Saudi Arabia
July 2021
MIDI. International franchise stores opened in Bhutan
August 2021
MIDI. MIDI fast fashion department store [Saudi Arabia 7 store]
August 2021
MIDI. Saudi Arabia store, the 8th franchise branch
September 2021
In 2021, Fandi franchise store opened in gallery, Saudi Arabia
October 2021
MIDI. Fandi fast fashion department store opened a new store in New Zealand and was welcomed by local consumers
November 2021
MIDI. The department store chain opened in Hamra mall, Saudi Arabia
November 2021
MIDI. Saudi franchise store, 9th branch
December 2021
MIDI. Saudi franchise store, 10th branch
January 2022
MIDI. Saudi franchise store, 11th branch
February 2022
MIDI. Saudi franchise store, 12th branch
March 2022
MIDI. In Saudi Arabia, many franchised department stores have been opened one after another
March 2022
THE MIDI. Jeddah Red Sea Store