MIDI.|Tell you the mystery and interesting features of our logo
We aim to build up a deeply first impression of our brand for the consumers around the globe by the logo.

As the global Fast-Fashion aesthetic department stores pioneer brand, MIDI. takes the establishment of the business in consumers’ minds into consideration seriously. We aim to build up a deeply first impression of our brand for the consumers around the globe by the logo.

Mars Green" is the main color of the logo

Mars Green” is selected as “The most popular color around the globe “after 6 months of the global referendum by professional designers. The stores of MIDI. around the globe are derived from a series of collocations by “Mars Green”, which produce vitality and abstract aesthetic spaces.

The scheme of the “Mars Green” can say much about our brand, and it means vibrancy and draws eco-friendly connotations. To show the importance and self-confidence of our business, MIDI. chooses the color generally considered a positive color in most cultures. We try to go through the mystery of life and find out the pleasantly surprised mystery outside the mediocre and uninteresting torrents and construct a habitat of infiltrating unlimited beauty.

The “Name” of MIDI.

MIDI. always concern about what consumer’s needs, we had invited the top 100 designers who are professional on the life aesthetics around the globe to build up the brand. Moreover, the logo name is My International Design In One, which is shortened like MIDIO, and the “O” is reduced to form a point, in western expressions, the supreme meaning of eastern culture is taken. Myriad laws return to one, one grows two, two grows three, and three grows life!

Try to ask outsiders to read our name out loud or spell it when you speak, and you will realize that MIDI. is simplicity to enter your brain.

Express the “Brand Value"

This era stresses individuality and respects the aesthetics of multiple lives. MIDI. is not limited to a certain region but put an eye on the global vision, and MIDI. Integrates the world's top 100 designers and constructs a full of aesthetic shopping spaces. That is the subject matter of “My International Design In One”.

Moreover, MIDI. is a professional retail service provider of a private brand; the company participates in the comprehensive marketing progress of Product Design, Manufacturing, Brand Management, and Sales & Marketing. This business model is “Full Participation” instead of “Full Ownership”.

Respond quickly and supplies accurate are the core value of the PPP model. Keeping meeting the user needs as the primary goal, MIDI combines user needs with the supply chain effectively and achieves accurate and rapid feedback from them.

Dedicated to offering nice design products with the best prices, MIDI. takes the secondary markets as our target, and avoids the expensive cost of operating and researching, we help the franchise partners around the globe to make their business a success in small investment.

Boutique stores franchise projects of MIDI. worth your investment, reach out to us for more information.