Make You Beautiful|MIDI. breaks through the limit of colour!
Beauty Philosophy of MIDI. Color: Uncompromising of Belief!

Are you curious why girls need to make up instead of ignoring their faces? It is just like the same questions as bellows: why people earn money eagerly instead of being poor in whole life? Why people make their efforts in society instead of being stupid and mediocre?

There are different ways of living a different life for different people. Someone would like to be more beautiful by dressing up themselves. It's just like people wear armor.

When you want to cry, the makeup face will help you to stop your tears.

When you are confused, your mood will be in a cheerful frame of mind after makeup.

"Look, life cannot do anything to me"

 "Everything should be better"

The beautiful makeup brings different inspiration to our life positively.

Just be more beautiful yourself from today.

MIDI.Colour, come for you!

MIDI. Colour has both appearance and strength.

Make makeup fun!

Open the world of colour by a key.

MIDI. COLOUR Colorless Limit Blazing Lipsticks.

There are 12 colour numbers of full series.

Apart from matt, there is pearl and water texture to be chosen according to the makeup effect.


Star Shine Matt Series

The special star pattern is full of creativity. The close golden intersperses are shining resplendent and charming.


Moist Satin Series

Texture moistens soft waxy, color smoothly.
A brushstroke draws the outline of lip shape, and there is no need to put lip protector as a primer.
Moistening your lip as well as avoiding being too greasy.
The used sense of fresh and light bring a touch of gloss, lively, and beautiful.
(CPB Camellia, Uemura 590, Same colour number of YSL)


Velvet Series

Envelop micro fog luster, which apparent swanking character.

(CPB Rose 311、Dior Classic 999、Uemura 163、Same color number of Estee Lauder)

“Lipsticks are like a fashionable dress, which makes women become real women”, said Marilyn Monroe.
If only a cosmetic can be chosen in my bag, I must choose lipstick.

MIDI.COLOUR Perfect Cool Colour Lipstick

2 Series, 8 Colour Numbers

Small and exquisite square packing improve portability.

Lipsticks occupy little space for easy to take and refine the makeup.

There is a soft non-offensive aesthetic of the blue frosted texture shell.

Apply lipstick is an experience full of fun.

Try different colour numbers to suit for different colocation.

That represents different moods under different moments.

In addition to lipsticks, MIDI. COLOUR offers kinds of eye shadows to make makeup fans crazy.

Grand Acanataro 16-Colour Eye Shadow

01/ Star Walk

When it appears in the eyes of makeup fans.

The masters of makeup will smile.

New makeup fans will scream.

The face score is high because of rich 16-color collocation.

The makeup series include Earth, Sunset, Autumn leaf, Orange Soda, Peach, Purple, and Dry Rose.

 A plate of eye shadow in hand draws kinds of makeups, which worth the makeup fans crazy to call.

Grand Acanataro 12-Colour EyeShadow

02/ The wheel of fortune

All of the colours are fit for daily life especially office lady and student.

The light patterns of eye shadow apparent the status of half matt.

The few colours added a fine gold flash, which has the feeling of micro-diamond when applying in the eye skins.

Making a gentle temperature by shading a colour.

Grand Acanataro 12-Colour EyeShadow

03/ The world

The same marble style of Venus Marble is a practical matt eye shadow of earth colour series.

There is no need to worry out of date absolutely, that is necessary makeup in hand.
The light of matt, pearl and polarized are natural from shallow to deep.

It not only can draw an eye shadow but also use in eyeliner and brow powder practically.

The texture of the powder is exquisite extraordinary.

The eye makeup effect is natural not drop powder.

Keeping the skins under the eyes is clean for a whole day.

MIDI.COLOUR Cute cat star shine eye shadow

12-colour eye shadow of mashed potato texture includes polarized fine flash.

The different cool colour eye makeups are changed in different rays of light, which make your eyes twinkling and affecting.

 It is the feeling of the broken diamond when applying in the eye skins.

Blingbling, excellent!

MIDI.COLOUR initiates to bring young women the personalize colour experiences in different scenes and moods by colour and quality.

Be pleasure for yourself, just be yourself!

Every woman is an independent individual, refuse all label, define yourself by yourself.