5 featured products of the MIDI. beauty series recommended
Integrate "Aesthetics" into every pieces of life.

Integrate "Aesthetics"

into every pieces of life.

Don't ask why that makeup fans spend so much pocket money to search for boutique cosmetic around the world.

A beautiful appearance should be taken care of and managed prudentially and attentively.

5 featured products of beauty series in MIDI. stores are the cutest friends in girls' life.

Magic star charm elastic eye show

Exquisite and fine power, easy to use

Apply the magic star charm elastic eye shadow to the upper eyelid, and then choose a darker color to make your eyes more charming by a small rage of eye-shaped. Do you want to spend small pocket money to win wonderful eyes makeup? Don’t hesitate to foot into MIDI. stores around the globe.

Professional makeup brush 5 pcs

Elastic and easy to stick powder

The professional makeup brush set is included the blush brush, high-gloss brush, detail brush, oblique eyebrow brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush, and the spiral brush. The brushes are thick and they are perfect partners with makeup powder. The brushes are soft, elastic, and easy to stick powder. The 5-pieces set is easy to carry around and they are best friends for traveling.

MIDI. Moisturizing Lipstick

Making lips moister and elastic

Chinese red is the classical color of the lipsticks, which is popular among makeup fans at different ages. There are many kinds of color that can be chosen for these lipsticks, creating more and more opportunities to draw lips makeup. The red lips are not only vivacious but also quiet, and the MIDI. Moisturizing lipsticks are contributed to bringing makeup fans ’ superiority into full play in womanliness.

MIDI. Coix and lotion

Revitalizing for an energized look

After facial cleansing, take the appropriate amount of toner on the palm or cotton pads, use fingertips along with the skin texture from the inside evenly pat the skin from bottom to top until completely absorbing. It effectively makes the skin smooth and elastic and eases dryness and decrustations.

Portable travel empty bottle 7 pcs

Easy to take, ideal for traveling

This product is portable and easy to carry, ideal for frequent travelers. The features of this product are ultra-large capacity, compact and convenient, multifunctional, essential goods for home and travel.