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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the main business of MIDI.International? When the company founded? Where is headquarter?

MIDI.International is a global fast-fashion life aesthetics department store brand, and we provide various products including cosmetic skin care、stationary & toyscreative housewares and so on. MIDI. had been established in the year of 2018, and headquarter is located in Guangzhou, China.

2. What is the positioning and advantages of the brand?

The brand positioning is that we integrate cost-effective、aesthetic designs and scenes to convenient consumers’ life and improve the shopping experience. We are dedicated to devoting excellent resources into products developmentchannels buildinglogisticsconsumers researchingterminal operation management system. We are always trying our best to help franchisees return on their investment.

3. What is the situation of the overseas market now? Which countries do you have a national agency or single store franchise?

We are developing overseas markets now, and we had launched our stores globally in the Philippines, Panama, Mongolia, Mexico and New Zealand. 

4. How many stores you have opened in China? How many stores in Guangzhou?Which city has the most stores?

We had launched more than 100 stores in china, and Nanning, Guangxi has the most stores. There are 3 stores in Guangzhou.

5. How do you promote your brand、broadcast and maintain?How about the market reaction?

The best media of broadcast are consumers’ identity, word-of-mouth marketing, and brand services. Besides, we take advantage of media influence and choose the stereoscopic way of advertisement putting including internet media, mobile internet media, print media, and outdoor media and so on. We do not only emphasize commercial advertisement putting but also pay attention to softness advertisement putting of extensive social effect. We gained satisfying economy effects and social values. The chain stores franchise of MIDI. are the main trend in the commercial markets, we started to develop the business from the year of 2017, and we have achieved opening more than 100 stores right now, as seen that the market needs is really big.

6. What do you explain if your franchisees didn’t run their business well after new clients investigate the local store?

The secrets of the successful stores' franchise should include three key points: 1. Investors’ thinking pattern and belief; 2. Commercial models; 3. Team execution. There is a comprehensive marketing program if the store franchise business succeeds, and its normal phenomenon about the minority of the franchisees didn’t achieve the break-even if the three points are not combined. Franchisees can inevitably expect an outstanding return on their investment for operating a MIDI. store. 

7. How many years your company establishes? Why we didn’t hear your brand before?

The department store industry is very young, and the fast fashion department store has only been around for 5 years. In the past 3 years, MIDI. was established in the year of 2018 and joined the global development store chain in April 2018. More than 20 directly operated stores and more than 100 franchise stores have been developed. The three-year strategy of MIDI. is to develop 2,000 stores worldwide and become a leading brand in the industry. At present, many venture capital institutions are negotiating to invest in our MIDI. We believe that you will see MIDI. stores in various regions soon. 

8. What do you think that there is some negative information online?

Normally, there is some negative news online because everyone’s evaluation criteria are different. From some perspectives, we can encourage our company to develop in a better direction from it.

9. What kinds of products are you providing? Where is the place of production? Can we customize the products? What is the product package?

We have 10 categories of the products and 2000 SKUs including cosmetics and skincare, fashion icon, stylish bags, natural cotton, casual luxury cutlery, aesthetics household, travel collection, stationery toys, digital accessories, seasonal products. Key three categories: health and beauty, fashion icon, creative household.

The products can be customized but the quantity needs to reach our standard of MOQ, the package of the products should have the MIDI. logo.

Purchase Team: Global professional buyers, the latest fashion information, various designers team.


Data Marketing: By analyzing product market demand data, customer purchase behavior data, searching featured products that meet the needs of domestic users, and comprehensive data analysis to ensure reasonable distribution, ensure the marketing rate of product development, minimize inventory size and maximize efficiency. From the perspective of user needs, everything of the consumer department store brand speaks with data.

10. How much about the prices of the products? The discount on the products is too high but the profit is too low, could you please decrease the prices?

Investors usually fall into two major misunderstandings such as talking about prices for high-end products and quality for low-end products. This contradictory investment is a typical lack of business positioning, which often leads to troubles in later operations. If you want to invest a MIDI. store in the global fast-fashion department store industry, we advise that you come to visit the headquarter were located in Guangzhou, China.

-The unified discount in the industry, the Chinese retail prices is lower than MINISO around 5%

-The brand positioning and target customers: the best design products at the best prices.

-Except for buying cost, the operation capital includes import progress、logistics warehouse are the key to control the cost.

11. Could I pick up the goods by myself?

Sure, we advise that the first batch of goods should be dispatch by the commodities center, because that we can feedback you about the distribution base on the marketing research. You could adjust the products list after finishing the distribution.

12. How to determine the quantity and amount of the first batch of stocks, and if the first batch of goods is enough for us to open the stores or not? Do we need to purchase?

The dedicated operation and commodities department provide the products list of the first dispatch base on the data of market research and the advisement of product display. Confirm the stock quantity at the time of ocean shipping. Franchisees can choose the products by themselves, but for the first dispatch, we advise to obey the unified standard configuration is better. As you know that MIDI. is running the business of store franchisee, the principal of the business is the image unified, and secondly, we will know which kind of products are more in line with the needs of the public according to the sales performance of other stores. Therefore, it can be more suitable for franchisees. In the later stage, you can apply for a unified exchange with the company according to the sales performance of the store. At that time, our professional product manager will also give scientific order guidance according to the actual situation of your store.

13. How long does the customization cycle take?

Inquiry-Buyers development-Cooperation condition negotiation-Trial production

14. Store opening requirements:

(1) Choose the store location in the golden business center

(2) The business of the store surrounding is women cloths or boutiques?

(3) The layer in the building should be in the basement or first floor

(4) The area of the store >100 ㎡

(5) The single store should allocate 1 store manager and 3 clerks 

15. How long the stores open after signing the contract? What procedures need to do?

Cooperation application-review client qualification-review store location- interior design-store decoration-commodities dispatch-logistics-store training (display + trial guidance)- grand opening- business guidance、data analysis-services supportSupervision supporting

We will finish store decoration and first dispatch product list around 20 days after we receive the payment of agreement, the specific store opening date will be confirmed by store location, decoration, the first delivery date of products (20days), and the shipping date.

16. Can we extend the time of agreement confirmation if we don’t have the suitable storefront even we have signed the intention agreement?

Generally speaking, this will not happen. If it happens, sure can. A written application is required, depending on the circumstances.

17. Should we confirm the storefront first before signing an agreement? Or must we sign the contract first?

There are no contradictions for both of them. We need to sign the intention agreement first, and then confirm the store location base on the project progress. In addition to the importance of store location, and operational professionalism is highly specialized such as the business environment surrounding, the competitors, human traffic (target customers) approved and cost-effective, etc. The professional team of MIDI. will help customers to finish the progress of store location.

18. Who is going to manage the store?

The agencies and franchisees can manage by themselves, MIDI. will provide comprehensive supporting and management training. For example, supervision provides guidance and training in stores, and the BI system helps manage the sales data and replenishments convenience.

19. How many staff is enough for a store? Who bears the salary and welfare?

It is according to store area size and human traffic, 4 staff needed for 100㎡ stores; 6~8 staff needed for 200~300 stores. The salary and welfare should be paid by franchisees. (Just for reference, the specification should be considered the talent supply and demand in the target market.

20. Can your company helps to solve the staff problem?

About recruitments, there is no need to worry too much. We will provide you the professional advisement from the channels, ways, and interview skills of recruitments.

21. How many staff is enough for a store? Who bears the salary and welfare?

It is according to store area size and human traffic, 4 staff needed for 100㎡ stores; 6~8 staff needed for 200~300 stores. The salary and welfare should be paid by franchisees. (Just for reference, the specification should be considered the talent supply and demand in the target market.

22. Can your company helps to solve the staff problem?

About recruitments, there is no need to worry too much. We will provide you the professional advisement from the channels, ways, and interview skills of recruitments.

23. Are there more than 100 stores in China? Which region is the MIDI? stores launched?

There are no specified regions for franchisees in MIDI., so it appears randomness and concentration. Yes, we have more than 100 stores in China, 1 store in Mongolia, 7 stores in the Philippines, 3 stores in Panama, 4 stores in Mexico.

24. Experience requirements:

1Terminal retail operation experience

2Import and export business experience

3Rich social resource in local 

4The investors‘ professional and persistence characters

25. What is the difference in cooperation model、franchisee fee and security deposit? How long can I get the return on investment? How to do if loss?

We all know that there are many elements to affect investment recovery, for examples, the product display, and clerks’ behavior. The advantage of MIDI. is the consummate operation system. The franchisees who insist on the principles can get the return on investment around 6-10 months. 

-The franchisees from other channels will transfer to the master franchisee for regional protecting.

-Master franchisees can develop the secondary franchisees to charge the franchise fee.

-Master franchisees can get the return of the annual rebate.

-The confirmation of the franchise fee is according to the team activities of target markets.

-We would like to work with you to open this market and achieve win-win business cooperation; we are not only intending to charge your agency fee. We provide annual rebate is much more than the agency fee if the sales performances meet the sales target.

26. Why do you charge the security deposit?

The security deposit is the commitment and responsibilities that franchisees maintain the brand reputations. MIDI. specific the business operation of franchisees, and then inspect franchisees operating normatively. The security deposit can be return if there are no defaults of the contract.

27. Is there any regional protection policy for the master franchise? What kind of supports MIDI. provides?

In the last stage, the headquarter of MIDI. will dispatch the resident support team to manage the store decoration, products display and improve sales performance and other assistance.

28. What about the agreement sign and payment process? Is it available to prepay 20% at contract signed and 80% paid after picking up?

Both of the parties confirm the policy and content of agreement-proposed contract-sign contract- 7 days of T/T to pay intention deposit and security deposit.

About the payment terms, 30% deposit to be paid before the first dispatch of the products, the 70% to be paid before shipment.

29. What is the period of the contract?

3 years a sign.

30. If there are personal reasons to stop the store franchise business during the period of the contract, can it transfer?

When it happens, franchisees need to propose a written application to MIDI. for approving. The franchise fee and security deposit will not return.

31. What will it be for termination of the contract during the contract period?

The party B should propose the application to party A, and termination of contract can proceed after approved by party A. The franchise fee and security deposit paid by party B will not return, the items of stores can be recycling on 20% discount of original purchase prices after making an inventory. The balance of security deposit will be a return to party B after the two parties counted the goods, the deduction of the goods, and the amount of the discount.

32. If the period of the agreement can be extended when the date of the agreement expired (There years)? What about the fee? Are there any favorable?

Franchisees need to propose the application to the company if franchisees would like to extend the period of the agreement after expired, the specific fee should be decided by the latest policy by the company at that time.

33. What are the requirements of the sales performance for cooperated franchisees and agencies (early stage, middle stage, later stage)? What kinds of issues if the sales performance didn’t reach to the requirements?

For agencies: Open 3 MIDI. flagship stores in the authorized area within 6 months from the date of signing the contract, and then open 6 stores in 12 months. The two parties should negotiate annual sales performance targets in a later stage. The purpose of the franchisee’s sales performance requirements is that we aim to help franchisees to achieve better results from the perspective of franchisee business, and we will have bigger spaces to win more for franchisees about better prices advantage and services.

34. Is there any supporting of the marketing promotion after we joined your brand? Will MIDI. Invest any marketing activities in local?

We are doing the global marketing promotion, now we are supporting official website, exhibitions, and social media, investors can apply to promote the marketing activities for local business, and we will provide the professional advisements.