Be a growth driver for a retail brand in the secondary market
Maintaining long term business and focusing on franchisees return on investment.

In the impression of the people who have the basic acknowledge of the financial market, the secondary market was defined as the market formed by various securities such as bonds, shares, and financial instruments are bought and sold between different investors after the issuance of securities.

The secondary market of this article we are initiating that is different sales channels of the market segment in the global marketing program. For instance, the sales markets outside the cities which are the first largest population of developed countries, such as the capital cities, port cities, and tourist cities of developing countries, and second-largest population cities of developed countries.

Why choose the secondary market?

After the marketing specialist visited the few markets around the globe, we learned that the well-known brand of global department store industry, such as MUJI, DAISO, and FLYINGTIGET, did not appear in the secondary market. They all take the first-largest markets as their target, which is hard to match the secondary market in terms of supply chain management, product development, and market funding. As a rising star of the global fast-fashion department store brand, MIDI. is avoiding the fierce competition situation and high operating costs of the first-largest markets to play a glorious role in the secondary markets.

In addition, the population of the secondary market far exceeds the first-largest market in the world. Under the circumstances, there are abundant business opportunities to obtain cheaper traffic, apply the emerging business models, and produce daily necessities more suitability for this consumer group of the secondary markets.

How to be a growth driver for a retail brand in the secondary market?

Entering the secondary markets, MIDI. carries out the extreme cost-control base on the clear market positioning firstly. We have visited many regions around the globe to do rigorous market research and select the top 100 designers to build the brand of MIDI. The buyers of MIDI. team develops the new arrivals weekly base on the basic principle of “The nice design products at the best prices”. We are controlling the cost effect extremely from the supply chain, brand management, sales marketing, and new products launching.

After the franchisees join in our brand, we are providing one-stop services that we dispatch the professional market researchers to the target markets for acquiring the marketing information. The commodity center develops and works out a product listing that is suitable for local consumers according to marketing information. Avoid the expensive cost of operating and researching, MIDI. helps the franchise partners to make their business a success in small investment.

In the progress of MIDI. global expansion, we take the secondary markets as our target and construct the life aesthetics shopping spaces to bring consumers more quality lifestyle.

Expecting for the future!

MIDI. will continue to expand our stores around the globe, except the markets of Philippines, Panama, Mongolia, and Mexico that we have established, we are doing the market research in the new countries such as Iran, New Zealand, India, Colombia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia. We are inviting global franchise partners to join us for launching MIDI. stores in more countries.

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